Top 3 Methods to Stop Auto Updates Of Windows 10 | Turn Off Windows 10 Automatic Updates

Microsoft’s latest operating system comes with its feature auto updates to bring its users up-to-date, but sometimes these updates could be annoying for a few users.  If you are feeling the same and want to stop auto updates of Windows 10 then follow below given steps. Actually, this guide will assist you to retake control as well as decide when to install them.

Top 3 Methods to Stop Auto Updates Of Windows 10 are as Follows:-

  1. Completely Disabling Windows Update
  2. Disable windows 10 via update registry
  3. Turn Off automatic updates using the Local Group Policy Editor


Completely Disabling Windows Update:-

Step-1: Click the Start button and type command “services” to open “Services.msc” file.

stop windows 10 updates

Type Command “Services”

Step-2: Search and double-click on “Windows Update”.

turn off windows 10 auto update

Double-click on “Windows Update”

Step-3: Under the tab General -> set the Startup type as “Disabled” from the drop-down list. And to re-enable select “Automatic” from list

window 10 update stop

Select Disabled from drop-down list

Step-4: Click the button “Stop” to halt the Windows Update service

stop windows 10 auto updates

Click the button “Stop”

Step-5: Save your changes and exit. Click the OK button to save your changes.

update stop windows 10

Click the OK button to save your changes


Turn Off automatic updates Via Local Group Policy Editor

Note: This method is only for Windows 10 Professional, Education or Enterprise users.

  1. Press Windows key + R from your keyboard to open the Run
  2. In Run window enter command msc-> click OK, it will open the Local Group Policy Editor.
  3. Browse the below-given route:

Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update

  1. Double-click the option Configure Automatic Updates from Windows updates.
  2. Check the option “Enabled” to enable the policy.
  3. Here you can choose a number of ways to configure automatic updates under “Options” like:-
    • 2 – Notify for download and notify for install
    • 3 – Auto download and notify for install
    • 4 – Auto download and schedule the install
    • 5 – Allow local admin to choose the setting

Select one of the above-given methods according to your requirements.

  1. Click Apply->Click OKto finish the task.

Note: Try to choose option 2 – Notify for download and notify for install, it will not only prevent the operating system from downloading updates robotically.

Important: To enable windows 10 update again open Settings -> click on Update & security -> Windows Update -> Download -> Restart button to complete the task.


Disable Windows 10 via Update Registry:-

Warning: Follow editing the registry carefully as it can cause irreversible damage to your installation.

  1. Open the Run command like in method 2 given.
  2. Enter command regedit -> OKto open the Registry.
  3. Now follow the path as it is:


  1. Right-click the folder Windows-> select New-> click Key.
  2. Name the WindowsUpdate of new key and press Enter.
  3. Right-click the recently formed key, choose new ->click Key.
  4. Rename the novel key AU-> Enter.
  5. Inside the recently generated key-> right-click on the right side ->choose New -> click on DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  6. Rename the newly created key AUOptions-> press Enter.
  7. Double-click the recently generated key and alter its value, which is given in method 2’s step 6.
  8. Click OK -> close the Registry to finish the task.

Although, Top 3 Methods to Stop Auto Updates of Windows 10 enough to fix your issue “disable windows 10 automatic update”. Still, if you found any trouble then comment your problem for solution. Thanks for reading!

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