Learn Smartly How to Create New Facebook Group

Create your own Facebook Group to stay connected with loved ones

Facebook Groups are the close circle of people who share and keep in touch on common topics like Books, Business, Support groups, college & school friends group and so on. Basically, Groups are created to keep you connected with the individuals who are important to you and match your thought process as well.
If you want to Create New Facebook Group and don’t know the procedure to do the same then, read this blog. Here we created some self-tested steps and also uploaded images via that you can simply create your own Facebook Group with ease.

Steps to Create New Facebook Group

Step-1: Click on the triangle icon from the top right of Facebook and then select Create Group option from drop down list.

Create New Facebook Group

Click on Create Group

Step-2: After clicking on the Create Group option, a small Create New Group window will appears. Here you give your group name and Add some people.

Create Group of Facebook

Give your Group Name and Add some People

Step-3: Now choose the privacy setting for your group and Click Create button.
Step-4: Once you create your group, you personalize it by adding a description and uploading a cover photo.

Create New Facebook Group

Uploading a cover photo

Although, these steps to create a New Facebook Group are very simple, but still if you come across any difficulty to follow these steps, then comment us for more help.Thanks for reading!


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