How to Get Rid Of Annoying Emails on Gmail Account

Simple and Self-Tested Steps to Get Rid of Annoying Emails on Gmail

Getting lots of annoying emails and don’t know how to get rid of them. Now, no need to worry, in this blog we will show you the step-by-step method to Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail account. Actually, sometimes it’s not sufficient to simply mark an email as “Spam” because Google’s filters don’t work hundred percent on irritating messages. Sometimes junk mail might slip from side to side, finding its way to your inbox. Thus, it’s time to completely cut someone out of your communication life manually.

Method-1: How to Step-by-Step Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail

Step-1: Open an Email from the unwelcome sender.

Step-2: From the left-hand side of received message, click on the triangle ▼ Icon.

Block Unwanted Emails on Gmail

Click on Block [sender name]

Step-3: Now click on Block [sender name], from the drop down list.

Step-4: As soon as you click on Block sender name, a small “Block this email address” window will appear to click on Block button. And you are done now.

Moreover, repeat above listed steps with each and every message that you don’t want to see again in your inbox. In addition, if you blocked someone by mistake and want to receive the message again from that sender then, you can unblock them using the same steps.

Method-2: Steps to Unsubscribe from Junk emails on Gmail Account

If you signed up on a site and after that, you are getting lots of annoying messages like about sales, updates, and news etc. then no need to worry you can simply “Unsubscribe from Junk emails on Gmail” Account using below given step-by-step method.

1. First of all, open a message from the sender you want to unsubscribe.

2. Click on the Unsubscribe button, from the top of your received notification/Mail. Note: Sometimes this process may take a few days to unsubscribe from junk emails, so don’t get panic just wait for some days.

  1. Unsubscribe from Junk emails on Gmail Account

    Click on the Unsubscribe Button

Method-3: How to Report Suspicious Email Asked For Personal Information

If you found any message in which he/she asking for your personal details then be aware, your information could be taken for malicious activities. So in such situation, Repost phishing using below listed steps:-

Open Gmail you want to unsubscribe -> click on the ▼ Icon ->from the drop-down list Click Report phishing option.

Click Report Phishing option

All above given steps will help you to get rid of annoying emails. Select one of a method or all technique to block unwanted emails on Gmail according to your requirements. Thanks for reading!

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